Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Almost Puked.

Guess that means I did something right.

Here you go.

I'm experiencing a time shortage, but this link right here will lead you right. It's, of course, my favorite website in all the land, bodyrock.tv. Zuzana knows how to beat the fat right off of you. For serious. 

I finished this workout in 31 minutes and 13 seconds. I subbed in a couple different exercises for the ones that  required the dip station since I'm lacking, and I use a 25 pound plate instead of a sandbag. Do what you feel, people.

Also, the raw vegan diet is still going well. I think it is working in my benefit for sure. Gotta be looking fly so I can cornhole me a hot gangster rapper :)

Now get off the computer and go burn a calorie. 

I'm off!

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