Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've Decided To Quit Cooking.

Alright, kiddie cats. It's been long enough.

I haven't fallen off the wagon or anything. Just been busy. Still working out. Still not eating anything that I wouldn't eat. What?


I decided yesterday that I was gonna be raw vegan. It's going well so far.
I'll keep you posted on what exactly I'm eating and all that neat stuff.

I'm a bunny.

Also. I've been doing some really great workouts. I've been making up my own. But, of course, I've been getting all my super awesome moves from Zuzana. Duh. She's the best.

This is what my most recent workout sounded like......

-5 minutes of interval skipping
-Diamond runner push ups-30
-Happy Monkey -30
-5 minutes of interval skipping
-Side plank lift (L)-25
-Side plank lift (R)-25
-Mountain climbers-50
-5 minutes of interval skipping
-Plank Jumps-50
-10 minutes of interval skipping
-Sandbag mini squats-50

The End

I've been doing a lot more yoga and stretching before and after my workouts as well. I'm feeling like a rubber band. It's good.

You should probably try making up one of your own workouts. It'll be fun. Just click on this sentence right here. It will take you to a place where you can learn how to blast off all your fat and be strong and good. Pick a few moves you like and bust it out.

Sorry this is a plain and boring blog entry and not all picture-filled and aesthetically exploding for your eye-type area. I'll try to make the next one better.

Until then.....

Don't be poisoning yourselves with all kinds of disgusting, corn syrup filled,  hydrodge-o-nate-ed-fals-iiii-fate-di-date-erated non-nature created kind of stuff. Got it?

Sloth hand.

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