Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Longest Hug Ever

Hi friends,

Glad to be back. I was gone for the better part of a week working at the Wanee Music Festival helping sling smoothies for Hippie Dips. I was in need of an adventure of some sort, and this could not have been more perfect. It was probably the most relaxing week of my life. My phone was dead the entire time and, most of the time, I was clueless as to what day it was. I met so many awesome people and heard tons of great music. Most importantly; I was also able to keep up with my workouts, never strayed from my diet, and never touched a sip of alcohol. I even blasted off a few more L-B's! Wooooo!

I packed a good amount of food to bring along so I didn't have to worry about finding anything at the festival, but I ended up discovering a couple of healthy options anyway which I was really grateful for. I was wandering around and perusing some of the different vending stands when I came across Outback Kate's. They had the most delicious vegan black beans that damn near brought a tear to my eye. Mixed up with tomatoes, peppers, and onions, the beautiful blond woman running the stand was kind enough to barter with me on several different occasions in exchange for fresh fruit smoothies. This one incident goes to show that eating healthy and staying on track is possible in most all situations. It's easy to make good decisions if you plan ahead a little bit and survey your options carefully. Just because you're surrounded by deep fried carni food doesn't mean you need to succumb to any corn dogs. 

I got tons of exercise throughout the week. I did lots of jump lunges, push ups, ninja jump tucks, interval skipping, yoga, and most of all dancing and hula hooping. It was great. I feel cleansed and refreshed. My brain is still a bit in hippie land but I'm glad I came home to several new workouts on bodyrock.tv so I can keep up the momentum and excitement while transitioning back into reality. I'm back on my 6:00 a.m. routine and feeling good.

I just finished this workout a few minutes ago. I'm glad it's full of new exercises so I can start back totally fresh. It was a lot of fun to do and only took a little over 20 minutes to complete. I followed it up with a bit of yoga. I've been practicing headstands a lot recently. I think they're a new favorite.

Watch Zuzana show you how it's done.

Click on the link above to get the workout breakdown so you can do it with me. You'll be glad you did.

I'm charging my crystal.

These are a few of the goodies I came home with. I found the meditation beads on the ground. Someone informed me that it must mean I have good karma :)

I hope everyone has a beautiful, peaceful, and productive day and remember to stay away from processed junk food.  Thanks for reading.

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