Friday, April 22, 2011

Where'd All The Cookies Go?

I'll tell you where they went. Right in my belly.
I made these grain-free vegan chocolate chip cookies a few days ago. They didn't even last long enough for any kind of photo evidence to be acquired. Delicious. Like, serious delicious. They stay super soft and chewy. I would say they are even tastier than your traditional in a lot of cases. I can only allow myself to bake delicious treats like this on infrequent occasions because I'll eat them all day long if they're around. I guess they're not really that bad for you anyway. They only thing that I would be concerned about is the sugar content in the agave nectar....... Meh.

That's me and my cookies...... if I were an ant and my cookies were a huge green M&M.

Despite gorging myself on health cookies; I got a pretty good workout in today. I felt like busting something out super quick so I went with this 4 minute workout and then added some stuff afterwards.

Don't let the length of this workout fool you. You'll be begging for mercy within the first 30 seconds. If Zuzana says it's effective then you should believe her.

Here's the breakdown.

I followed this up with 10 minutes of interval skipping, 30 leg lift star crunch butt lifts, 40 bicycle crunches, and some yoga to wind down, including my new favorite the headstand

I can't stop doing headstands. I've been doing them everywhere. All the time. Challenging all the kids I babysit to headstand contest. I'm getting really good. My goal is to push up into a handstand from the headstand position. I'll get it soon enough.

I hope everyone is having the most super day ever and not eating anything tainted with high fructose corn syrup. Do that 4 minute workout and let me know how it treats you. It's gonna blast the L-B's right off of you.  If you don't believe me just ask me.

Thanks for reading!

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