Friday, April 8, 2011

Rise And Shine

Good morning (Unless it's not morning for you, then good afternoon, night, whatever...)

I've started a new morning routine as of recently. I've started waking up an hour earlier, at 6:00 a.m. I've began doing this so I can achieve more with my day and have a bit more time to spend with myself.

This is my schedule-

6:00 a.m.-wake up, put water on for coffee, start oil pulling, start an episode of Glee, stare at the internet

6:30 a.m.- spit oil out, brush my teeth, drink delicious coffee, keep watching Glee, continue staring at the internet

7:00 a.m.- do a short pilates or yoga exercise

7:30 a.m.- leave for my first job of the day, narcolepsy wake up service (Hi Erick!)

9:30 a.m.- get home, procrastinate, bodyrock, eat food, drink more coffee, shower

12:50 p.m.- leave for work

I feel way more alive and awake getting my day started like this. I've been needing to incorporate something else in with my regular workouts and the pilates and yoga are really doing the trick. I was not stretching nearly enough before, and I think I'll start seeing some great results from it soon.

If you've never heard of oil pulling before go ahead and check out that link up there. I started doing it a little over a year ago, went on a brief hiatus, and recently jumped back on the wagon. I can definitely see and feel the benefits from it.  

Waking up early feels really great. I love not being rushed and having time to sit and think about everything I'm going to do that day. This post really sparked my decision to set my alarm clock back an hour, and for that I'm grateful.

Wai Lana knows how to start her day right.
Watch this and try not to smile at the same time.

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