Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Might Even Be Sweatier Than Yesterday

Hey people friends.

I just finished my workout for today. It was killer. My neighbors probably think all kinds of crazy things are going on inside my house.

This week is abs and core week at bodyrock.tv.  I'm really glad Zuzana is always keeping it fresh with the new workouts. I really love the rolling knee tuck push ups. My arms feel like spaghetti. It's great.

My time for the first part was just over 17 minutes. I don't feel too great about that, but that just means I'll have to push harder next time. Here's the link to the workout breakdown. I would love it more than anything if you'd do it with me. You'll blast off a million calories before you even know it and you'll get STROOOOONG.

Moving on......

The green olive tapenade was a success. It was really delicious actually. I used it like I would a pesto with my favorite mung bean fettuccine 

I cooked some yellow squash, roma tomato, and button mushrooms in olive oil and crushed red pepper. Tossed in my fabulous mung bean pasta with some arugula until it got just a little bit wilt-y, stirred in a couple tablespoons of the tapenade, then topped that bad boy with some toasted pecans. Boom!

I eat a lot of these bean pastas. They're unbelievable and, from what I understand, are hard to come by. Here's a link for you to buy some online in case your local hippie store doesn't stock it. They also have a black bean spaghetti and a soy bean spaghetti, so search around. You'll be glad you made the switch from traditional. It's way tastier, organic, grain free, and has a mind blowing 20 grams of protein. 

I bought some parsnips a few days ago. I've never used them before but I think I might mash them up with some carrots tonight. I'll let you folks know how it goes. Hopefully delicious-ly. 

I'm off to shower now before I go sit on some kids. Don't be sticking any garbage in your mouth today. It doesn't matter how much you work out. If you're eating Twinkie and mayonnaise sandwiches then you're gonna look like one. 

Happy Tuesday :)

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