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Embodiments of Love! Understand the truth that love is Atma and Atma is love.

"Love is the path.
Start the day with love.
Spend the day with love;
fill the day with love.
End the day with love.
This is the way to God."
Sathya Sai Baba

Sarva Velala
Sarva Velala Sarvathra Barvi Yunna
Atma Kanipinchadelako Andru Janulu
Pala Yandunna Vennanu Korinantha
Sarvulu Anandamappa


The Atma is ever present at all times, but people ask: "why can't it be seen?"
By mere asking is anyone able to get the glimpses of butter present in milk?

If butter has to been seen, then certain processes have to be gone into - boiling, curdling, churning etc. So too, by certain Spiritual disciplines, like repeating the name on the tongue, He who dwells in the heart can be visualised; the Immanent God can be experienced as Real.
Sathya Sai Baba

There are millions of living beings in this world. All of them have originated from God. Therefore, the same God is present in all of them. People give many names to God as Rama, Allah, Jesus, etc., but God is only one. Atma is another name of God; it is the same in everyone. The real name of Atma is love. Love is only one, but it is present everywhere and can alleviate all sufferings. One who is endowed with love is free from all sufferings.

What does Atma mean? It means love only. It is love that unites all. If you imbibe this principle of unity, then all will become one. When you attain this unity, you will have purity. When you have purity, then Atma Tattwa (principle of the Self) will manifest in you. Therefore, you must have unity to attain divinity.
Develop faith in the Atma Thathwa. From faith comes love. When faith and love go together thus, your desires will be fulfilled. Both faith and love are most important for a human being. All others are like passing clouds, which just come and go in between. Do not attach much importance to them.

In fact, faith is the reflection of love, and love is the very form of God. Hence, Love is God, Live in Love. Truth is truth for all times -- past, present, and future. It will never change. That is why it is said, "Truth is God."

Do not think that God is present somewhere in a distant place. God is not separate from us. The entire universe is an embodiment of Divinity. Therefore, constantly contemplate on that Divinity, who is none other than Unity.

In this manner, one with faith in God will never be put to harm. Hence, develop unflinching faith. Your firm faith in God confers on you all types of knowledge. Where there is faith, there is love. Where there is love there is Atma. Atma has no specific name or form. Similarly, faith has no form, and divinity is also formless. Love is God. Live in Love. Truth is God, God is Truth. The entire creation has emerged from truth.

The creation emerges from truth and merges into truth,
Is there a place in the cosmos where truth does not exist?
Visualise this pure and unsullied truth. Sathya Sai Baba

The same Atma is present in all. When you take the Atmic principle into consideration, all are one. So many individuals are present in this Hall. The Atma in all of them is one and the same. There is one sun in the sky. It gives light to the entire world. Similarly, God is like the sun who illumines the life of everyone. We engulf ourselves in darkness when we criticise others. Therefore, love all and serve all. If someone abuses us, let him do so. Abuses will merge in thin air. Therefore, always think that nobody can criticise you. Have faith that God will always protect you. Develop unflinching faith in God. There are many people who deny the existence of God. If there is no God, where have you come from? What is the place of your origin? If you don't have faith in God, all your life becomes a waste.
Sathya Sai Baba

Man should get rid of Ahamkara (the feeling that he is the doer). As long as the ego is dominant, the Atmic consciousness will not develop. The egoist cannot recognize the Atma. It is egoism that is at the root of all of man's troubles. It is delusion based on the misconception that the body is real and permanent. The truth is otherwise. One should recognize the evanescence of the body and the senses and control the desires prompted by the sense organs. Desires are insatiable. The pursuit of wealth, power and position can only end in misery. Instead, one should take refuge in God and dedicate all actions to the Divine.
Sathya Sai Baba

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