Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day Nine - Let's Sleep This Thing Over

I'm here, folks. But barely.
I am more glad than you will ever know that tomorrow is my tenth and final day of the Master Cleanse. I am even more glad that I mustered up the willpower to see this thing through. I feel pretty proud that I have made it this far.
Not eating for ten days (almost) is an interesting feat to take on. My brain is ready to chew and swallow.

I feel pretty weak at the present moment and intend to lay/sleep as much of the next 24 hours away as I possibly can. I intend on drinking my juice type beverages at midnight tomorrow for the official ending ceremony. So a bit more than 24 hours in actuality. My face is ready.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading along on my little journey and sending me all of your positive vibes. Having people behind me has really aided in my giving this my best shot.

I will be back tomorrow. Hopefully victoriously.

Peace and good vibes to all.

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