Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Em Jee.

I just got through with a super brutal workout. Zuzana really knows how to treat a girl. Seriously. I had to pace circles around my house to cool down enough to even stretch it out afterwards. This sucker was only 12 minutes long and I damn near passed out towards the end. I love so hard. I've never come across any other workouts that can prove themselves to be so intense and effective in such a short amount of time.I never get bored, and I never even have to leave my house. All I need is my interval timer and I'm good to go.

This is what just happened to me. 

These workouts are super short and rewarding. PLUS Zuzana is way hot and you get to watch her break them down for you. I'm so thankful that this site exist and that I happened upon it one fateful day. Her constant encouragement, good attitude, and motivation has most definitely helped shape where I am at today. Not to mention the diet tips, which are imperative to achieving and maintaining your fitness or weight-loss goals. I love that anybody can write in and post their pictures and tell their story. It's truly inspirational and helps me stay on the right track.

ALRIGHT. Enough with the sappy nonsense. 

Click right here on this link. It will take you to a land where all your dreams can come true. To a place where miracles happen and fat turns into energy and just flies right off your body. Like I said before; this workout is ONLY 12 MINUTES LONG. Just do it and get it over with. Don't you want to feel super strong and ultra hot?  I know most of you people have a fancy iPhone or Android or something. Quit playing your lame prancing unicorn versus space hogs game and download an interval timer app. Do something beneficial for yourself. And when you do PUSH YOURSELF TO THE LIMIT. 12 minutes. Make it count. If you puke then you know you did something good. Here's the link again in case you somehow missed it the first three times.

Oh, and put down those Cheeto's. Nuclear bio-cheese powder isn't doing you any favors.

Good vibes to all.

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