Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm In Sloth Mode.

It's the morning of my 3rd day on the Master Cleanse.

I feel reeeeeaaaaaaaalllllly slooooooooooow. And like I need to stay that way.
I've been burning a lot of sage. It helps clear my sinus' and cancels out negativity simultaneously. Double duty.

Also, hippie deodorant doesn't work but I use it anyway so I'm not poisoning myself with aluminum.

I'm ready to take on day three. Not with  much energy, but with endurance and will power. I'm not hungry, but I feel weak. Today would be perfect for a mugging. I'd probably just give them my purse freely without a fight.

Murphey Browntown is really cute.

Hopefully my calm and tranquility will infect all the children I am scheduled to sit on today.

I'm charging my crystal in the sun.

I have rocks in my pocket.

I'm making Bela Bartok my soundtrack until I want to make someone else my soundtrack.

I need stamps.

Can you carry me?

Grandmas are neat.

Did you know that you can have up to 75 chickens in the city here?

My left armpit sweats more than my right. Why is that?

Where are my hardrives when I need them?

These are some of my thoughts and statements of the morning. Were they weird? Probably.

Thank you for the positive vibes being sent my way. I'm sending them to you too.

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