Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry About The Delay

I made it through the master cleanse. All ten days.
Thanks for tuning in. All your good vibes for sure helped me stay on track. I feel great now and think it was definitely worth the effort.

There have been some technical difficulties and other happenings that have delayed my blogging. So I'm glad to be back. I did my first post-cleanse Bodyrock workout yesterday. It was awesome getting back into it.

This is the workout I came back with. Check Zuzana out.

You can get the workout breakdown by clicking here. The whole thing was only 12 minutes long. Super short, but super effective. I hope you guys will do it with me. 

I went to the farmers market a couple days ago and got super stocked so I've been making some new and interesting recipes. I only have a few minutes until I have to get ready for work so I'll be posting some tasty recipes later on.

Hope everyone is keeping those good vibes rolling. I'm especially trying my best and focusing on the good right now. I'm in the process of making some life changes that I believe can turn out to be super positive. When a door closes a window of opportunity opens. I'm working on getting some bigger and better things accomplished in my life, so my main motto needs to be carried out in full force right now.

Hope everyone is staying away from stuff thats not good for you and stretching out those legs. I'll see you in the near future with some recipes and sweat inducers.

Peace, love, and vegan grain-free cookies : )


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  2. Very good blog Victoria, but I'd like you to write about what you do to exercise and what you eat to keep you healthy. I know this is what you do but I want it from your own experience, That could be very good and like that you have a good statement when the time of you exposition comes. Awesome!!!